CRISIS 公安机动搜查队特搜组
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CRISIS 公安机动搜查队特搜组

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在电影《CRISIS 公安机动搜查队特搜组》中,一组各具特长的刑警将共同应对国家级危机威胁,展现了紧张刺激的搜查行动和特殊技能的协同作战。





总之,《CRISIS 公安机动搜查队特搜组》将带领观众进入一个充满危机和紧张的世界,感受刑警们在特殊情况下的应变能力和职业素养,同时也带来了一场不同寻常的警匪探险。

In the movie "CRISIS Public Security Mobile Search Team Special Search Team", a group of criminal policemen with their own specialties will jointly deal with A national crisis threat, showing the intense and exciting search operations and the coordinated operations of special skills.

Tetsuji Tanaka plays the monitor Yoshinaga Mitsusei, who is considered by his colleagues to be always able to Keep calm commander. As a criminal in the First Investigation Division of the former Metropolitan Police Department, Yoshinaga Mitsusei is a master at investigation. He has shown extraordinary wisdom and determination in difficult cases.

Toru Nomaguchi plays Yusuke Kashii, one of the members of the special search team 1. Served in the explosive ordnance disposal squad of the former mobile team. Kashii Yusuke has a cold personality and is good at sarcasm others, but he has an excellent sense of smell, and is even the holder of a special ability called "sympathetic", who can distinguish colors through smell.

Yuko Araki plays Dashan Ling, a little red in the class. She used to be a hacker and is now an expert in network intelligence analysis. Da Shanling looks cool on the outside, but there is a certain shadow in her heart, which makes her role more mysterious and attracts attention.

This movie uses criminal police characters with different specialties and skills to show their Collaboration in the face of national crisis. The combination of everyone's talents enables the entire special search team to meet various complex challenges, and at the same time presents an exciting suspenseful story of police and robbers to the audience.

In short, "CRISIS Public Security Mobile Search Team Special Search Team" will lead the audience into In a world full of crisis and tension, you can feel the resilience and professionalism of criminal policemen in special situations, and at the same time bring an unusual adventure of police and robbers.



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