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  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
  • 力荐
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The movie "Crossing the World" tells a story about acrobatics, taking the Zhao family as the main line, telling about the hardships, difficulties and firm beliefs they have experienced .

The Zhao family is a family of acrobats. After winning the Golden Lion Award at the September Temple Fair for the Changle Class, they won a large commercial performance contract, but they are required to Must have Zhao's award-winning show. Forced by the warlord Hou Dujun, the Zhao family had no choice but to stay in the Changle class, but Bai Mudan, the wife of the class leader He Zixiong, secretly colluded with the warlord and dedicated Xiao Zixia, the daughter of the family, to Hou Dujun, making the Zhao family helpless because they lost the style. Stand on your own. As a result, the Zhao family fled to Nanyang to develop as a performer, and established their own team——Huaxia Class. Many years later, the Huaxia troupe returned to Tianjin, and formed new grievances with the old troupe leader He Zixiong in matters such as fighting for the theater and fame. Gui Nanna secretly played a black hand and injured Zhao Tianfu, causing the fate of the Zhao family to be in trouble again. Before Zhao Tianfu died, he handed over the team to Yan Qingshan, which made Zhao Canghai feel distrustful. Zhao Canghai left Huaxia Class to create his own magical boy class, and fought a life-and-death confrontation with Huaxia Class and Changle Class, and finally won the Golden Lion Award for Huaxia Class. Zhao Canghai, Yan Qingshan and others went to Tianjin to find the enemy who killed their father back then, but they fell into the plan of He Zixiong and Gui Nanna.

The film is full of human touch and family and country feelings, allowing the audience to see the charm and indomitable spirit of traditional acrobatic culture. It also shows the audience the inheritance and indomitable struggle of a family, which makes people feel the true connotation of family and country feelings.



  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
  • 力荐


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