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在喧嚣的东京都市,一组好朋友的生活交织出了一幅令人感动的友情与爱情画卷。电视剧《东京白日梦女》通过镰田伦子(吉高由里子 饰)、山川香(荣仓奈奈 饰)、鸟居小雪(大岛优子 饰)这三位互为知己的女性,勾勒出了一个既温馨又真实的人生故事。


过去的岁月里,她们对于爱情都持有一种被动的态度。然而,新的一年却带来了转折。镰田伦子与神秘的金发帅哥KEY(坂口健太郎 饰)发生了奇妙的交流,原本的厌恶竟然演变成了不可思议的吸引。香则重逢了玩乐队的前男友阿凉(平冈佑太 饰),情感被重新点燃,却不知道自己已成了备胎。小雪与上班族丸井良男(田中圭 饰)陷入了一段充满激情的热恋,却扮演起了对方生活中的"小三"。


In the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the lives of a group of good friends interweave a touching picture of friendship and love. picture scroll. The TV series "Tokyo Daydream Girl" outlines three women who are confidantes, Kamata Rinko (Yuriko Yoshitaka), Shan Chuanxiang (Eikura Nana), and Torii Koyuki (Oshima Yuko). A warm and true life story.

These three women, who are over the age, are pursuing in different fields the meaning of life. Rinko Kamata is a low-rate screenwriter, Kawasaki is a manicurist, and Koyuki works in a small restaurant with her mother. Their friendship has been with each other for many years, and they have experienced the ups and downs of each other's lives together. Although they are usually busy at work, in their spare time, they always get together, share each other's joys, sorrows, sorrows, drinks and chat, which is heartwarming and joyful.

In the past years, they all held a passive attitude towards love . However, the new year brought a twist. Rinko Kamata had a wonderful exchange with the mysterious handsome blond guy KEY (played by Kentaro Sakaguchi), and the original disgust turned into an incredible attraction. Xiang reunited with her ex-boyfriend A Liang (played by Hiraoka Yuta), who played in the band, and her emotions were rekindled, but she didn't know that she had become a spare tire. Xiaoxue fell in a passionate love with the office worker Marui Yoshio (played by Kei Tanaka), but acted as a "little three" in each other's life.

The story is vivid and emotional, through the life experiences of three women, Outlines the subtle blend of friendship and love. Their stories convey an important message to the audience: life is not just a personal pursuit, but also requires the company and understanding of friends. In the hustle and bustle of the city, emotion and warmth are never absent.



  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
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