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  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
  • 力荐







The movie "My Husband Can't Come In" is directed by Tanada Yuki, and gathers Natsumi Ishibashi, Ao Nakamura, and Ono Many powerful actors such as Machiko and Matsuo Yu, as well as actors such as Tsutsui Mariko, Ochiai Fuki, Harumi Shika, and Kunihiro Fuyuki joined in. Based on the autobiography of the housewife こだま, the film tells a thought-provoking story.

In this movie, the protagonist Kumiko Watanabe (played by Natsumi Ishibashi) ) finds out that her husband Kenichi (played by Ao Nakamura) has problems with sex and cannot successfully insert his penis. Despite this predicament, Watanabe still chooses to continue to associate with Kenichi, and eventually to the palace of marriage. This plot explores the complex relationship between sex and marriage, and triggers the audience to think deeply about this topic.

From the perspective of Kumiko, the film shows how she faced difficulties and challenges of strength and courage. Although her husband's physical problems troubled their sexual life, Kumiko chose to understand, tolerate and support her husband to face this problem together. This kind of emotional tenacity and tolerance is also instructive in real life, guiding the audience to think about their attitudes and ways of dealing with various difficulties in marriage.

The movie also shows the tacit understanding and harmony between husband and wife through humorous and warm plots. help each other. Despite encountering unimaginable circumstances, the relationship between Kumiko and Kenichi continues to sublimate through perseverance. This kind of sincere emotion presents a profound human brilliance, which makes the film more enjoyable.

"The Husband Can't Come In" tells a story of a Stories about sex, marriage and humanity. While enjoying the film, the audience is also guided to think about the importance of mutual understanding, support, and tolerance in a marriage relationship, as well as the courage to stick to one's original aspirations in the face of difficulties. This film provides the audience with a deep emotional resonance and life inspiration.



  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
  • 力荐
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