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<noscript lang="IV6qoA"></noscript><small dropzone="5csEeM"></small> 美好的日子
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"Good Days" is a domestic drama that shows the development of China's locomotive industry. Realize the ideal and join the locomotive industry, struggle and reap a beautiful life story.

The background of the story is set in the early days of the founding of New China. A demobilized soldier returning from the Korean battlefield. He determined to build the first steam locomotive in New China, and voluntarily gave up his status as a cadre and became an ordinary worker. His tenacious fighting spirit attracted the attention of Bai Ruoxue, the mainstay of the troupe. At the same time, he got acquainted with Qiu Shi, an intellectual, and the two jointly made suggestions for the construction of Dabei Factory. Under the leadership of factory director He Feng, Qi Qianqian worked hard with other workers and finally succeeded in building the first steam locomotive in New China.

The story also shows the lives and struggles of other characters. Somerset, Liu Guiqin, Cao De and other women in Dabei Factory not only performed well at work, but also made life more interesting and warm. They took root in this land and bloomed a splendid flower of life.

As time goes by, the children of the protagonists Kong Weixin, Fendou and others Inherited the long-cherished wish of the parents and created the era of high-speed rail in New China. Their continuous efforts have promoted the development of China's locomotive industry and marched towards a more brilliant future.

By showing the development of the locomotive industry, this play shows the audience a group of Young people's hard work to realize their ideals and dreams. They are not afraid of difficulties, do not flinch from difficulties, and write their beautiful days with hard work and wisdom. This is an inspiring work that makes the audience feel the power of struggle and the meaning of persistence. At the same time, the play also shows the process of social development and the changes in people's lives, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding and understanding of the development of New China.



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