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"Dangerous Love" is a movie directed by Lu Jian and starring Wang Minde and Chen Yalun. The film tells the story of the female policeman Chen Yalun sneaking undercover into the businessman Wang Minde's side, trying to find his criminal evidence, but finally falling into the dangerous story of Wang Minde's poisonous hands

In the story, the protagonist Ellen (Chen Yalun) is a strong and independent woman, but also impulsive and willful. She and her mother depended on each other for life, determined to become a policeman since she was a child, and performed well in the police academy, not inferior to male students. However, because of being framed by a teaching assistant, she was unwilling and decided to resign from the police force.

Because of Ellen's extraordinary talent, her boss decides to let her serve as an undercover mission, sneaking into the side of Futian (Wang Minde), a celebrity in the real estate industry. Fukuda is ostensibly a wealthy heir, but police suspect him of links to a string of murders and drug crimes. Since the police lacked evidence, they decided to let Ellen in the mix. However, as Ellen spent more time with Futian, she gradually forgot her mission and fell in love with Futian.

At the same time, Fukuda already knew Ellen's true identity, but kept hiding this fact, and showed her a gentle side, making her Ellen unconsciously fell into the trap of love. Just when Ellen fell into the love net set up by Futian, she recalled the advice of her boss: "Futian is a psychopath!" How will this confusing love end?

"Dangerous Love" has captured the audience's attention with its gripping plot and dangerous love games. The film shows the hardships and dangers of undercover work, while also exploring the complex relationship between love and deceit. The protagonist Ellen is caught in contradictions and confusion between undercover missions and love. The audience will uncover the ending of this intricate love as the story develops.



  • 很差
  • 较差
  • 还行
  • 推荐
  • 力荐
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